That's So Anthro

My name is Caitlin. I am a sophomore at the University of Iowa. I am studying anthropology with a minor in psychology. My emphasis is socio-cultural anthro. I have always been very interested in the social sciences, and am so lucky to be studying at one of the top research universities in America.
This blog is obviously dedicated to all things anthropology & I would love to discuss anything with anyone, so feel free shoot me a message in my Ask Box!

Kinship Universals

Do you think there are any cultural universals in the sphere of kinship? There is a sea of disparity when it comes to kinship practices (regarding descent, household orginazation, childrearing, romantic love, etc). I argue that sex for reproduction could possibly be a universal aspect of kinship. Thoughts?

Just nerding out a bit over my new shirt! BAZINGA!!

Just nerding out a bit over my new shirt! BAZINGA!!

giutoki asked: Asks are longer than replies, and I just wanted to give you my opinion on Spain and Italy. Both countries are amazing for tourists, but as you're staying for a semester, the culture is even more important. Spanish is more useful than Italian, and you can easily travel everywhere in the country. I'm sure you'll find a way to go to Italy after, or even when you'll be in Spain. It's very easy to travel in Europe ;) Hope this will help you me the decision :)

Thanks for the input! At this point, I’m definitley leaning towards Spain. I agree that Spanish is tons more useful than Italian in the long run. This definitley helped!

Study Abroad

I am studying abroad during the spring 2013 semester. I have narrowed it down to two countries: Spain and Italy. Where should I go? I would love to become fluent in Spanish, but there is something that draws me to Italy. I want to immerse myself in the culture and beautiful old cities that these countries are made of. Does anyone have any opinions?

Anthropology of Texting

I’ve been playing around with this topic in my head for a while. It’s nothing substantial, at all. I’ve become quite aware of my texting habits over the past few months, along with the people I text as well. Everyone has their own texting style, whether they are aware of it or not. I am a person that adapts and assimilates my habits, movements, and language when I am around different people. I have notived that I do the same for texting. One thing that I think is very interesting about texting is that people type or converse how they would as if they were having the conversation face to face. For example, if  the person I am texting says something that confuses me, and I respond to them “Huh?” they may respond to my question by just typing the same thing that they had texted me before.


Why would people do this? It’s obvious I don’t know what you are talking about—I asked you a question to clarify. So why would you type the same exact text, thinking that it would clarify something? My guess is that people think of it that they are repeating themselves. In a face-to-face conversation, when someone says “huh?” a person will usually repeat themselves because they assume they did not hear them. Which makes complete sense. But in texting, it does not. At all. So my main question is, why do people repeat themselves instead of rewording a text? Why do they act as if texting is like a face-to-face conversation?